PEMB Capability

TN Ward Company (TNW) is an authorized Varco Pruden (VP) dealer, specializing in the computer-aided design and construction of pre-engineered steel systems commercial and industrial buildings. TNW works with architects, engineers, and owners to offer buildings that combine aesthetic appeal with optimum functionality. TNW partners with a proven pre-engineered products company like VP Buildings because they manufacture approximately 6,000 buildings annually ranging from 1,200 SF to 1,000,000 SF under roof. Pre-engineered buildings offer both cost advantage and flexibility to achieve design intent.

With VP Command computer software, systems and components can be designed to exact specifications. Pre-engineered materials are delivered to the construction site ready to be assembled by TN Ward using high-strength, bolted connections. Glass, masonry, metal, stone or other cladding materials can be coordinated and applied to achieve the desired building façade appearance.

TN Ward's representative experience in pre-engineered metal building construction includes:

  • Synagro Bio-Solids Recycling Center
    Pre-engineered metal building (100,000 SF / 75-ft high) houses a thermal drying center with two drying trains and bio-fuels pelletizer to process 65,000 tons of bio-solids annually
  • Rimtec Central Utilities Plant
    Pre-engineered metal building encloses a new central plant including rapid response steam boilers, air compressors / air distribution, steam distribution system with condensate returns and utility tie-ins
  • Primos-Secane Fire House
    Two story pre-engineered fire house clad in masonry
  • CSMI Community Charter School
    Pre-engineered recreation facility building clad with concrete stem wall and exterior insulation finish system
  • Family Dollar Store
    Free standing pre-engineered building within new retail complex at former food manufacturing site