Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvements
Bristol, PA

Project Description:

This major retrofit and upgrade of equipment and processing systems included complete rebuild of two digesters requiring installation of floating steel covers (50 ft. diameter / 130,000 lbs. each), digester gas mixing equipment, digester gas powered boiler and heat exchanger, and new sludge pumps.  Three existing Raw Sewage Pumps were removed and replaced with 950 CFM pumps in the Control Building basement well. The solid waste conveying systems and two-story screw/conveyor system for grit removal were also replaced. The primary clarifiers were upgraded with 65-ft.-diameter skimmers, ultrasonic level transmitter, electric actuators and new grating plus sludge collection arms cages, bridges and drives. Additional upgrades included replacement of the 60-ft.-diameter trickling filter rotary distributors; sluice gates & 24-inch valves throughout the distribution system; and wake arms, influent well and sludge collector in 60-ft.-diameter final clarifiers.



Township of Bristol, Pennsylvania


T&M Associates