TN Ward Company (TNW) demonstrates consistent value to Owners through responsive expertise in estimating, value engineering, constructability analysis, site logistics planning, scheduling and procurement. TN Ward’s pricing accuracy applied to conceptual design and specifications enables the client to determine financial viability of a project early. When required, TNW presents multiple value engineering options to achieve the Owner’s objectives for initial cost or life-cycle cost of the facility.

TN Ward’s comprehensive construction perspective includes the ability to visualize building the facility from foundations to core & shell to fit-out of interiors. TNW’s in-depth constructability analysis of design development drawings serves to pinpoint potential coordination issues early. Revising the design to address construction or installation challenges serves to prevent change orders in the field.

Executing a cost-effective, coordinated design requires an efficient construction plan with alternatives. The Owner can rely on TN Ward to schedule the work intelligently by considering various factors that will or could impact productivity. The schedule will also be accompanied by site logistics planning that will support efficient movement of labor and materials throughout the construction phase.

With a keen understanding of the trade contractor market, TN Ward can ensure that the Owner executes the design with the right procurement strategy. TNW brings marketplace know-how regarding the right mix of contractors and vendors to bid and perform the work, based on actual market conditions and past experience with various companies.