TN Ward Company (TNW) has constructed facilities to provide power, chilled water, steam, hot water and other utility or process services and recycle waste into alternative fuel products. TNW offers expertise in the coordination and installation of major equipment that is either supplied by the Owner or purchased by TN Ward. Requirements have ranged from integrating facility improvements into existing operations to new central utilities plants for industrial and commercial operations to installing co-generation and tri-generation alternative energy facilities.

Representative project experience includes the following examples that were provided through design/build, construction management and general contractor delivery methods:

  • New central utilities plants for 24×7 casino hotel operations that generate up to 6 MW of power, 3,900 tons of chilled water and 1,800 BHP of hot water at each location
  • Co-generation retrofit facilities for the Philadelphia Independence Center and high-rise residential buildings
  • Utilities infrastructure for a renewable bio-fuels processing plant
  • Environmental pollution control retrofit for a municipal electric utility plant