TN Ward Company (TNW) executes consistently an award winning approach to ensuring a safe, productive construction site. The company has received Safety Excellence Honors in multiple years from the General Building Contractors Association (GBCA). Our motto, “Safety 24/7” illustrates commitment to ensure a safe working environment and culture that motivates all employees to be vigilant regarding safe conditions for all project participants.

TN Ward provides continual education and training for employees, trade contractors and vendors, which is coordinated by the company’s Safety Director. With a focus on hazard analysis plus continual hazard assessment, the Safety Director works with TNW’s project management & site supervision team to customize a Safety Plan for each project.

Supervisory personnel maintain current certifications in First Aid – CPR – AED procedures plus special training for topics such as handling blood pathogens. TN Ward’s means & methods have been recognized as best-in-class, such as our Guardrail Disruption Permit System for building perimeter netting safety systems & procedures. TNW employees receive bulletins at home from the Consumer Product Safety Commission to bolster the 24/7 safety mentality.